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Memorial Middle School

Spring Athletics


  • Meet our Coach

    Coach Bellantoni enters his second year as the Memorial Middle School baseball coach.  Coach Bellantoni has over 30 years of experience in public education and coaching.  Coach has been a teacher, Dea, Assistant Principal, and Principal at the middle and high school level.  Coach Bellantoni has coached football and baseball at different schools on the high school level as well.  Coach Bellantoni has been a tremendous addition to our coaching staff and has been a true mentor to the middle school student athletes.

Team Expectations/Goals

  • Provide skills necessary to transition from Middle School athletics to High School. 
  • Create a competitive environment which promotes all aspects of sportsmanship including anti bullying
  • Emphasize academics, character and how both influence athletic success
Tryout Process
  • 3-4 day tryouts(depending on gym space and field conditions)
  • Components assessed: fielding, hitting, arm strength/accuracy, coachability, running, specials such as pitching/catching



  • Meet our Coach

    Coach Morgan Martucci enters her first year as Memorial Middle School Softball Coach. Coach Martucci played travel and middle school softball and was a three-year varsity basketball letter winner at Hunterdon Central Regional High School. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Education at Springfield College and her Master’s in Physical Education in England. She is currently the Health and PE teacher at E.R Appleby Elementary School and works for USA Sports Group as a youth sports coach. Coach Martucci is eager to share her passion for athletics and teamwork and will strive to improve her players on and off the field.

  • Team Expectations


    In order to participate in the Softball Program at Memorial Middle School, students must meet all eligibility requirements established by the New Jersey Department of Education, the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association, and the Spotswood Board of Education.  As explained in our Student Handbook, students must meet eligibility requirements in four areas:  Academic, Attendance, Behavior, Medical; team rules also apply.  Please visit the eligibility tab on our Athletic page for more information.

    Softball Try-Out Process

    In order to try-out for the Memorial Softball team, students must have all paperwork completed on time and be eligible for participation.  Students will be given a minimum of 3 practice sessions to demonstrate their abilities/skills related to the sport.

    While all students are encouraged to try-out for our athletic programs, "cuts" are occasionally necessary. Coaches attempt to balance student interest with concerns regarding supervision, team management, student athletic ability, and playing time.  Students will be informed of the cut in person by the coach and/or other appropriate staff.

    Softball Involvement Expectations

    • Players are expected to have all necessary paperwork completed, handed in, and approved on time.
    • All players are expected to attend all mandatory team functions beginning with the first official day of practice.
    • Players are expected to be on time for all games and practices
    • Any player who will be late or absent from a practice must notify a coach in advance in-person or by email.
    • Players are expected to arrive and depart from all away events on school-provided transportation unless previously approved by the district Athletic Director.

    Softball Team Expectations/Conduct

    • Behave respectfully, obey all rules, demonstrate sportsmanship:  Be respectful of yourself and especially display respect for others.  Don’t do anything that will embarrass you, your teammates, the middle school, or the community.  Players are expected to follow all MMS rules.  Violations of these rules will result in consequences determined by school policy and the coach.
    • Be prepared:  Student athletes must be properly equipped to participate in practice and/or games.
    • Be committed:  If for any reason you cannot attend practice or a game, contact your coach well in advance.  If a practice or game is missed for a voluntary absence, playing time may be drastically reduced.  Family or other elective conflicts need to be discussed with your coach.  Make-ups of missed school-work need to be discussed and approved by the coach prior to missing practice.
    • Be responsible for your communication:  Students should talk to their coach directly regarding any conflict or situation involving the team; coaches are here to help you succeed.
    • Playing Time:  Playing time is earned and not automatic.  Coaches will decide playing time for student athletes based on meeting eligibility requirements, team expectation, and/or practice/game performance.