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Memorial Middle School

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Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Spotswood Public Schools Mathematics Department to inspire students to understand the fundamental concepts of mathematics, think analytically, communicate mathematically, become resourceful problem solvers, and develop an appreciation for the usefulness of mathematics.

The middle grades are intended to bridge the foundational skills of elementary school with the most complex concepts of high school mathematics. Memorial Middle School offers two math sequences that provide students opportunities to master the content and prepare them for the transition to high school. All courses are aligned to the Common Core State Standards with PARCC assessments being administered at every grade. Because of the sequential nature of mathematics course offerings, many courses have prerequisites.

NOTE: Students who complete Algebra 1 or Honors Algebra 1 and who meet all specified requirements will have the option to use this as credit towards graduation and move on to Geometry when entering high school. A minimum of three math courses will still be required at the high school.

Mathematics Department Course Flow Chart
This chart illustrates possible course sequencing in the Mathematics Department. Courses have been grouped according to the level of academic rigor. The rigor of a student's academic schedule and the grades received are key aspects considered for placement in high school courses. Please note: Sequencing need not be constant; students may move between "levels" as long as prerequisite courses are taken and the student meets the criteria for placement.


Grade 6



Grade 7



Grade 8




Sequence I




6th Grade Math






Algebra I




Sequence II




Honors 6th Grade Math



Honors Pre-Algebra



Honors Algebra I