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Yearbook meets every Thursday from 2:20-3:00 p.m.

If you are interested in joining the Yearbook please contact Mrs. Cifelli or Mrs. Rapczynski.

[email protected]

732-723-2200 Ext. 6008

[email protected]

732-723-2200 Ext. 6024
Memories last a lifetime and the Yearbook Club has the lucky job of preserving those memories by putting them into a book for all to treasure for years to come. The entire yearbook is designed online which allows students to increase their computer skills. The Yearbook club captures moments from in the classroom to school functions and dances to the field at a soccer or baseball game. Members have the opportunity to be creative in designing a book that highlights the year while collaborating with other students and having fun along the way.

Why I Should Join
Do you love creating memories? Do you love capturing those memories to last a lifetime? Being a member of the yearbook will give you the opportunity to utilize your skills including photography, artistic design, and technology. It will also allow you to become familiar with all of the activities, clubs and sports that are going on at Memorial, as well as the ability to meet and work with students of all grade levels. If you love memories and want a chance to be creative and have fun preserving those memories, join our Yearbook Club.

Student Quote
“Yearbook is cool! It’s fun to be able to pick out the pictures of you and your friends that will be in the yearbook;” “I like being on yearbook because you get to meet people and you also learn about students and teachers in the school."

Criteria for Membership
Yearbook gladly welcomes 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. If you enjoy taking pictures and working with creative software, this is the club for you! Please be advised that this club does conflict with winter sports. Making a commitment to both is generally unmanageable.

Involvement Expectation
Any Memorial School student is eligible to be a member of the Yearbook Club. Active members are expected to attend meetings weekly on a delegated day from October until April. The meetings will be held at Memorial from approximately 2:40 through 3:30 pm. Members can also participate by taking photographs both during school and at after school activities including sports games, club meetings and dances.

Advisor Biographies
Mrs. Cifelli has been a 7th grade math teacher at Memorial for 12 years. She lives locally and loves to attend school activities and has been advising the yearbook for 8 years now. She enjoys taking pictures and helping students. Mrs. Rapczynski has been teaching at Memorial for 8 years and has taught all three grades. She is very involved with student activities as well and has been co-advising with Mrs. Cifelli for 6 years. She enjoys being creative and putting together the yearbook with students. Mrs. Cifelli and Mrs. Rapczynski have been working together both in the classroom and out and make a great team!