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The Newspaper meets every other Tuesday from 2:20-3:00 p.m.

If you are interested in joining the Newspaper please contact Ms. Hansen.

[email protected]

732-723-2200 Ext. 6015
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The Colt Chronicles is Memorial’s source of information for students, parents, and the Spotswood Community. Memorial’s School Newspaper highlights many of the important events at our school, as well as showcasing the lives of our students and staff. The Colt Chronicles is an online newspaper that is shared to all Memorial students and posted on the school website.

Readers often look forward to our columns centering on games, riddles, advice, and staff facts. We are the voice of the school and we represent many sports teams, clubs, and after-school activities.

By becoming a member of the Colt Chronicles, you will learn to write articles, conduct interviews, and publish your own writing. Your audience anxiously awaits your column and expects the best. You will gain strong writing and communication skills while working alongside other enthusiastic writers.

Why I Should Join

To gain experience with writing and publishing for an audience; to have your voice heard; to gain better time management skills; to meet new friends and become an important part of our staff; to get involved at Memorial.

Student Quote

“The Colt Chronicles informs you on what’s going on in the school. It is interesting to read because you learn a lot about Memorial, including facts and stories about both teachers and students. It is a newspaper that is enjoyable to read! I also love being a part of the Colt Chronicles staff because we have fun and get to meet students from all grades.” - Sarah Osborne

Criteria for Membership

You must be a student of Memorial Middle School who is eager to write for an audience and who is willing to write, make new friends, and have FUN!

Involvement Expectation

As an active member, you are expected to attend a minimum of six meetings during the school year. In addition, active members must submit at least five articles during the school year. Students are required to maintain grades above a C average.

Advisor Biography

Ms. Hansen is the advisor of the Colt Chronicles. Ms. Hansen has been a language arts teacher at Memorial for nine years. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Monmouth University for the Curriculum & Instruction Program. She attended Monmouth University and was an active member of Kappa Delta Pi, an Education Honor Society, and Sigma Tau Delta, an English Honor Society. She also worked at the Monmouth University Writing Center where she helped students improve their college and graduate papers. Writing has always been an important part of Ms. Hansen’s life and she is committed to helping students thrive as writers.