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Drama Club

Drama Club

The Drama Club meets every day after school beginning during the first full week of school and ending with our performances in November. Practice times vary due to the nature of the activity and will be communicated to the members of the club.

If you are interested in joining the Drama Club please contact [email protected]

The Drama Club at Memorial Middle School begins each year in the first week of school. We stage a production that includes singing, dancing, costumes, and dialogue, accompanied by live musicians. Drama Club holds preliminary auditions and conducts callbacks to determine what role each student will play. We also are in need of stage crew members who will be responsible for our backstage success. Stage crew members do not need to audition. Our production opens in November, the week before Thanksgiving, and has 3 performances. We rehearse consistently each day after school from early September until November.

Why I Should Join
If you love to sing, dance, and act, or just be on stage in general, join as an actor. If you are detail oriented or creative, consider doing stage crew. The Drama Club productions are high quality every year and offer a creative outlet for the students of Memorial. It’s a fun and rewarding experience overall!

Student Quote
"I enjoy doing drama because it gives me new experiences. I get to develop my acting skills and make new friends." - Emma Savarese

Criteria for Membership
Any student grades 6, 7, or 8 is eligible to audition for the Drama Club. Students must sign an audition contract, given out in September. All students who want to be on stage for the production must audition, even if they do not want a lead role. Students should be willing to sing, act, and dance on stage. Stage crew members must also attend every rehearsal. For the overall success of the production and rehearsals, students must adhere to the attendance policy.

Involvement Expectation
All actors and stage crew members are expected to attend each rehearsal. If rehearsals must be missed, a note must be provided ahead of time. If there is a weekly time conflict for any reason, it must be discussed with the production team. In addition to the after school rehearsals, students will have some at home practice of dialogue, choreography, and lyrics that must be memorized. Students must be at the performances.