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Art and Design Club

Art and Design Club

The Art and Design Club meets every first and third Wednesday from 2:20-3:00 p.m.

If you are interested in joining the Art and Design club please contact Mrs. Schamper.

[email protected]

732-723-2200 Ext. 6027
Participation in the Art and Design Club allows students to set aside time for independent creation. Students are encouraged to bring their own supplies, use time to share their art with other students or simply work on their art. By participating in local and national art contests, and mural paintings students will have the opportunity to build on art making skills. Meetings are held twice a month in the Memorial School Art Room. Additional meeting times may be added as needed. Please check the Memorial Club calendar for updates.

Why I Should Join
Participation in art making process to benefit events sponsored by Memorial Middle School; get to participate in local and national art making competitions; build on art making skills; provide an opportunity for students to create art who do not get art as a cycle class; promote to artistic career paths - such as graphic artist.

Student Quote
"Art club is very fun. You get to express your ideas and draw whatever you want. Have you ever wanted to publish your art online? Well, you can on Artsonia. You don't have to just put artwork that the teacher assigns during art class, you can put whatever you want. Also, the art teacher Mrs. Schamper is very nice." - Elita Seifin; "I would recommend joining art club because it was fun and you get to create whatever you wanted. It was just totally awesome!" - Alefiya Presswala

Criteria for Membership
Any student of Memorial Middle School can become a member. Students must abide by the Memorial eligibility criteria for participating in co-curricular activities.

Involvement Expectation
The expectation for student participation is to make at least 6 meetings per year to be considered a member in good standing.

Advisor Biography
Mrs. Schamper teaches grades 6-8 art at Memorial Middle School and has over 10 years of experience as both an Art Director and professional Graphic Artist. She has designed textbooks, magazines, and retail print material. She is excited to share her knowledge and promote the creative process for students year-round.