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History Club

History Club

The History Club meets every Thursday from 2:20 - 3:20

If you are interested in joining the History club please contact Mr. Hosford.

732-723-2200 Ext. 6016
A club “dedicated to the proposition” that all kids can appreciate the people and events from the past that help to shape their lives today. Members of the club will watch historical films and documentaries, engage in discussions and debates, play history-related games, interact with and interview people from the community whose experiences can inform the members about their own place in the world and their community. Members of the club will gain a greater sense of being connected to their community, to their country, to their world, and, perhaps most importantly, to one another. The History Club is also a democratic institution: its members will have a say in the activities, topics, discussions, films, games and events in which its members participate.

Why I Should Join
Join the History Club to learn more about history without the stress of tests or grades, to play history-related games, to share time with others who have similar interests, and to be part of a unique community of friends and peers within the larger school community.

Student Quote
"I'm not very good with quotes, but History Club is a lot of fun, especially the Risk Tournaments" - Tim Smith

Criteria for Membership
Any Memorial Middle School student may join; a student must attend at least half of the year’s meetings to be a member in good standing.

Involvement Expectation
As an active member, you are expected to meet once a week immediately after school in Room 1 for 45 minutes to one hour. It is not required that every student make every meeting, as schedule conflicts and student demands are many, but each student interested in being a member should make every attempt to attend when possible.

Advisor Biography
Mr. Hosford is the History Club advisor. He has been a 5th, 6th, and 8th grade teacher in the Spotswood School District for 13 years, teaching American history at Memorial Middle School for the past six. He graduated from the University of Delaware with a double major in Political Science and Philosophy, after having served in the United States Air force for ten years. American history, especially as it relates to presidential politics and power, has always been an interest of his which he enjoys sharing with like-minded young people. But, for him, by far the most enjoyable thing about teaching American history, and being a History Club advisor, is that every day he learns something new- often from those same young people.Enter your text here...