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Visual Arts

Visual Arts Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Spotswood Public Schools Visual Arts Department to provide students with art experiences that develop and refine their art making techniques, problem-solving skills, and cultural and historical artistic awareness.

Memorial Middle School students are taught to analyze the characteristics and essential elements of the visual arts. The curriculum is designed to have students recognize that art is used to reflect emotions and communicate with audiences. Through investigating, evaluating, and problem solving within the realm of fine arts, students gain the knowledge needed for authentic art appreciation and understanding.

The courses are designed to allow for the application of this knowledge into their own creative processes. The courses are sequenced across the grades to increase the complexity of the artwork studied and the sophistication of students' responses to specific pieces.

Visual Arts Best Practices
Visual Arts teachers at Memorial Middle School consistently apply research-based best practices for effective instruction including, but not limited to, modeling, guided practice, independent practice, discovery learning, cooperative learning, scaffolding, differentiated instruction, real-world applications, and technology.

Visual Arts Department Course Flow Chart






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