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Memorial Middle School

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Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Spotswood Public Schools Science Department to provide safe, equitable, student-focused scientific experiences that encourage the development of intellectual curiosity and scientific literacy along with respect and appreciation for the world we all share.

The Memorial Middle School science program is designed to both give students a solid foundational knowledge base in the core scientific disciplines of Life Science, Physical Science and Earth/Space Science as well as continue to develop student's skills in the processes of scientific inquiry. The curriculum is designed to spiral through the core disciplines, reinforcing key concepts as students progress each year and laying a solid foundation for the formal study of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science in High School. The middle school science curriculum is aligned to the New Jersey Core Curricular Standards and incorporates essential elements of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Best Practices
Science teachers at Memorial Middle School consistently apply research-based best practices for effective instruction including, but not limited to, modeling, guided practice, independent practice, discovery learning, cooperative learning, use of manipulatives and tools, scaffolding, differentiated instruction, real-world applications, laboratory experiences, problem-based learning, and technology.


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